Friday, May 21, 2010

Lilacs and Lullabies

“Earth gave us all the satisfaction we asked.”
Virginia Woolf, Reminiscences

It has been an odd kind of spring that has promised to warm, but then gone back to ice, and wind and unseemingly long dark nights that give way to frost on young leaves.

Lilacs have come bringing with them so many memories of other springs when a grandmother sat in a backyard swing with her arm around me - back and forth, squeek-squeek, back and forth, sigh-and-smile - softly singing "You Are My Sunshine" and talking of future evenings that would be lit by fireflies.

I can bring those evenings back (with a suddeness that sometimes brings tears) as long as the breeze has a hint of lilac left on it...And when the last hint is gone, all such memories are soflty folded away for another year.


Butterflykisses said...

Lilac's bring their memories to me also. They are my favorite spring aroma. I remember burying my face in masses of the white, lilac and deep purple blossoms; breathing deeply, trying to capture their essence. Thanks for the memory share.

Shadow of the Cathedral said...