Saturday, March 27, 2010

[Rich Life]

when i lived in houston
i thought vacation meant leaving the country
for two weeks
asking the natives
where they ate
because they knew where to find the best food

living in saginaw
vacation means going to detroit for the day
asking bag ladies
and that guy who pees all over Woodward
where they sleep at night
because they know
where to find the most amazing buildings.

brush park, detroit, michigan


Viktor77 said...

Brush Park is an incredible sight and equally incredible story! Have you seen the George S. Frost house across the street from these homes on Edmund? If not I'll give you a link to it with its original neighbours because it's truly an awe-inspiring site, the whole neighborhood is.

Shadow of the Cathedral said...

Thanks for the link! I had no idea what was once in the rest of the neighborhood...since moving back to Michigan it has become a hobby to find interesting buildings, even if it is only what is left of them.

I see that you are located in or around Saginaw. Have you ever been in or around the Potter Street Sation in East Saginaw? Pretty incredible.

Viktor77 said...

Yep, I've been to the Potter Street Station. I've been tempted to photograph it even and the rest of the area (there's a beautiful old home there that's now a Teen Challenge Center IIRC which would look beautiful restored but I have little hope the city will keep it along with most of N Jefferson).

Buildings don't get much more incredible than Detroit. Well, they didn't anyway, what exists is so little a fraction of what once was it's insane, really. Yea, Brush Park was incredible--some of the most incredible residential architecture in the midwest, it truly deserved the title of Paris of the Midwest.

Anyways, I've rambled on a bit here haha. It was nice to find your blog, I found it via a business card you must have gave me during Jazz On Jefferson. Your home is beautiful! News is the Carpenter Gothic across the street is being restored which is just great! I hope the Eastlake directly across from you will find a buyer soon. I've drawn a rendition of it restored in my blog. If I had the means I'd do it in a heartbeat haha!