Sunday, February 14, 2010

Closure of the Jeannine House

I was saddened to recieve this notice this morning and can only hope that a new comunity will form in time to keep the house running as a desperately-needed benevolent force in a challeneged district.

On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 5:04 PM, jeannine house wrote:

With sadness, the Jeannine Coallier Catholic Worker announces that it will close its doors on March 1, at least temporarily. We simply don’t have enough live-in community to manage a house of hospitality and the money in our account at the moment won’t even pay the heating bill for the rest of our equal-pay contract.

For fourteen years, the house at 721 E. Holland in Saginaw has operated as a home for women and children in temporary need, and closing it has been an extremely difficult decision. We are working and praying that another community will step in so that we may re-open sometime after May 30 and so carry on the compassionate and nonviolent legacy of the late Jeannine Coallier, for whom we named the house.

If you know of people interested in becoming Catholic Workers in Saginaw, please have them call or email one of us. (See below.) Alternatively, if you know of a local non-profit agency or church that would be able to use this beautiful home in some way that serves the people of Saginaw, please let them know to call one of us. Web presence is found at,, and

We are all so thankful for your financial and emotional support and friendship over the years and thankful also to Jude Thompson for her years at the house. As the Irish would say, "It was a great ride." Blessings and peace to all,

The Jeannine Coallier Board of Directors

Janice Coty, 989-921-5822 (
Renaye Fewless, 231-825-0182 or 231-878-2587
Clif McQueen, 989-799-0679 (
Amy Seaver, 989-792-0051(
Rosalie Riegle, 847-492-1856, 847-644-2281 and 989-389-7660 in the summer (

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