Friday, November 13, 2009

The tight-wire act that is the universe.

“And then there was this shift in the universe and his texts, like, just about dried up altogether.”

Granted, she was about seventeen years old and trying to force down a double espresso at Starbucks because it had sounded like an elegant thing to order ("cool" she would probably say cool.), and her universe probably didn’t take much to rattle it, but she got me thinking.

Tiny things can rattle the universe and some of those tiny things aren't in the hands of superheroes, but, instead, in the paws of very average folks who can choose small things at every turning. There is no comittment to the level of choice taken...could range from how and where one buys produce or shoelaces to the amazing trick of looking into another human being’s eyes – even those of a total stranger – and draw from them a smile without saying a word and reminding them that they are not alone. And - knowing they are not alone - perhaps they make a tiny choice that changes someone else's day, and with that day an entire life.

Imagine what a hug or a random, but carefully considered phrase could do fifty years from now. So there’s really no excuse not to create a shift in someone’s universe today.


Becca said...

Who is this "she" 'cause she sounds familiar? :)

Shadow of the Cathedral said...

Hmmm...It was a non-specific she at the local Starbucks, lol. So. Who did you think it might have been?

Becca said...

My seester. She had an "espresso" moment as well, and was a bit bummed when you two stopped communicating. Heh. My mistake!

Linsey said...

I wonder the same thing so very often. The most simpliest phrases- please, thank you, how are you today, have a nice day. Imagine what the this world coudl be if everyone did three kind things for three different people a day.